Video conferencing: Beltug roundtable takes on interoperability, user experience and more


One of our members was looking into digital workplace and collaboration video conferencing equipment. Through a Consultation, Beltug reached out to its members. It was clear that quite a few respondents were interested in discussing the topic in a roundtable, which Beltug then organised. The roundtable was held just before the current Covid-19 pandemic, but its outcome may prove to be more relevant than ever.


The participants discussed their own approaches, needs and challenges. They focused special attention on interoperability and user experience. Among the takeaways were:

  • Interoperability among solution providers is limited, yet providers and suppliers should consider interoperability as a plus to their business, not a threat
  • Ease-of-use for your end-users is essential to ensure adoption
  • Integration tends to come with integration issues
  • Comprehensive cost-benefit analysis is a must


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