eSignatures: Questions, hurdles and recommendations from the Beltug roundtable


Recently, a member approached Beltug for a Consultation on eSignatures, in order to learn from the experiences of other members. eSignatures are a complex topic, involving a lot of choices to be made and processes to be set up. The Consultation revealed that our members are at different stages: from initial investigations, to full adoption.


It was also clear that there was a real interest in getting together to discuss the topic in a small group, so Beltug organised a roundtable. Some 20 companies discussed a number of the hurdles facing them when considering adopting eSignatures, including:


  • Qualified vs advanced eSignatures
  • The legal value of eSignatures
  • How to implement eSignatures
  • How to evaluate the costs of eSignatures
  • Bundling documents
  • Delegation

The participants were able to arrive at some recommendations. Firstly, there is much more to eSignatures than just the switch from handwritten to digital. You need to consider your entire contracting process, including assessing the necessity of signatures. Secondly, as always, you want to avoid a lock-in situation with a specific provider, tool or signing process.


As a next step, the members will meet in June with certain key providers, including Doccle, Itsme and Connective, to discuss face-to-face the issues that have been raised in the first roundtable.


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