Beltug’s 'Guidelines for creating a Privacy Awareness and Training programme'


With the increasing complexity of privacy regulations, including but not limited to the GDPR, it has become more necessary than ever for public and private organisations to ensure that their employees have the awareness and training they need to ensure compliance.


Yet, while the organisations are aware of the importance of setting up a Privacy Awareness and Training programme, there is very little clarity about how to organise one.


Beltug’s Privacy Council took on the issue, with a 16-member task force sharing their knowledge and expertise to develop guidelines for other Beltug members. Their recommendations have been published in a 13-page Beltug Paper, 'Beltug's Guidelines for creating a privacy awareness and training programme', that covers possible approaches, which roles within the organisation need the training, and the content and training time for each employee profile.


Several possible training methodologies are listed, while three key requirements were defined for any training programme:


  • It should have a differentiated approach (e.g. role-based)
  • It should be cost efficient
  • It should result in behavioural change

The full report is available to Beltug members here, after login.


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