Beltug and members gather together homeworking policies


Whether your company has embraced teleworking for a long time, or mostly since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we are all facing new demands and questions. Our members have made clear that companies are looking for inspiration and information on homeworking policies in the new circumstances: the massive scale of the shift, the need for more flexibility for employees, etc.


Beltug wants to be a ‘peer lifeline’ for ICT decision makers, whether they are at home or at the office, keeping their colleagues connected. Together, we are helping each other to find solutions and inspiration, including by exchanging our own policy models: #samenerdoor #tousensemble #strongertogether


We are pleased to share several real-life homeworking policies (available to members after log-in), which have been anonymised, to provide you with ideas for tackling your own homeworking challenges:


Remote working policy - ENG - 1st example

Remote working policy - ENG - 2nd example

Remote working policy - Corona-specific - EN

Remote working policy - NL

Remote (and mobile) working policy - NL

Remote working policy - FR

Remote working best practices


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