Template for presenting security topics to your Board


“When IT governance is addressed at the Board level, the organisation’s performance increases.” While Board members do not need an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of IT governance, they do need to be able to understand and evaluate the risks.


However, CIO/CISO members have been expressing to Beltug the difficulty of explaining IT security issues to the Board.


To support our members, we have put together a presentation template that you can use to bring IT security to your Board in an effective way. These slides help explain the risks, without too much technical detail, and present messages and examples that are relevant to Board members. The tool covers security risks, security by design, incidents & crisis simulation, projects & budget, GDPR & privacy.


Feel free to use the information in this slide deck (available to Beltug members after login) for your own presentations, to adapt these slides for your own use, or to add information that is relevant for your organisation.


It is available in:


You can also find inspiration for security policies from the template created in October 2019 by Portima and Beltug. You can use this Security Policy template (available after login) to outline and present your company’s general objectives regarding a security policy; it thus acts as an ‘umbrella’ document for all other security-related documentation.


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