Beltug questionnaire to assess the NIS compliance of your DSPs


Are your Digital Service Providers correctly complying with the requirements of the NIS?


Organisations are implementing more and more digital services that require 24/7 availability. At the same time, the risk of security breaches is really a question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’. Response plans are therefore critical. The EU's NIS directive provides legal measures to boost the overall level of cybersecurity in the EU.


All sectors that are vital for our economy and also rely heavily on ICT - such as energy, transport, water, banking, financial market infrastructures, healthcare and digital infrastructure - will need to take appropriate security measures. Key digital service providers (such as search engines, cloud computing services and online marketplaces) will also have to be in compliance. 


Our members need to have confidence that their Digital Service Providers are truly prepared to be robust partners in this demanding environment. To help them get a clear picture of how their Digital Service Providers measure up, Beltug has created a questionnaire for assessing NIS compliance. Each of the nine questions is linked to the specific legal reference in the NIS.


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