Beltug continues to be the community of ICT decision makers: recent tools and recommendations


2020 has proven to be a ‘remarkable’ year, to say the least. Throughout the past months, the Beltug team has continued our efforts to keep our activities flowing, and to offer our members opportunities to exchange knowledge with peers and share best practices and questions.



Creating and providing relevant content on your priorities.


Switching all our events to the virtual sphere has opened new opportunities for our members, as you can not only download the presentations, but also re-watch the events on-demand:

Our Task Forces have also continued to meet (remotely) while Consultations have enabled us to quickly collect and share experiences, best practices, lessons and more. We put this information at your fingertips, in pragmatic reports and papers, and easy-to-use recommendations and peer practices from your fellow members.

Some of the most recent include:




Beltug survey: make sure your voice and priorities are heard


In the coming weeks, we intensively prepare for the upcoming working year. Make sure to have your voice heard and complete our Priorities Compass, the yearly survey that allows us to build our action plan on your priorities.


Our members can rest assured that also our new working year will be packed with information on IT Security, innovative technologies like IoT or Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Privacy, Software Licences, data governance, and so many more.



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