Beltug Paper on tools for managing office space and reservations, for Covid containment measures


In light of the Covid-19 containment measures, managing the occupation of available office space has become complex. Many of our members are looking for tools to help them organise the booking and reservation of offices and meeting rooms during this time. In this document, we consolidate the results from a Consultation of our members.


We have published a Paper including the responses from companies using the office space management tools, and specific information provided by ICT suppliers on their tools.


Beltug refrains from relaying commercial information, out of principle. Exceptionally we are deviating from this tenet for the benefit of our members. The Paper is not under any circumstance to be understood as an endorsement by Beltug of the solutions referenced herein. Also, please remain respectful of government directives regarding homeworking. The solutions listed in the Paper are not alternatives to the respect of these directives.


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