Peer practices: Piet Herman shares 33 years of tools and best practices for ICT contracts


What makes a great ICT supplier contract? How can you draft one that covers most of your needs? How do you ensure your contract complies with your company’s risk strategy? And how should you follow up on suppliers and contracts?


Software contracts are a big priority for our members, and have been the topics of several Beltug initiatives – including our Proposal for a Software Publishers’ Code of Conduct, model contract clauses for negotiating contracts, an X-change, and more.


Now, long-time and valued Beltug member Piet Herman has agreed to share his series of four Papers with his best practices and knowledge about ICT contracts. As a seasoned Procurement Contract & Risk expert, Piet has worked with Beltug numerous times, providing recommendations on software topics and related positions and papers.


Each of the papers covers a different side of ICT contracts, with pragmatic recommendations, questions to ask, and steps to take.


  • 'On Contract Quality. Twelve features that make great supplier contracts. This Paper focusses on the question: 'What are the characteristics of an excellent contract?’ Piet specifies the 12 qualities needed for a viable contract that goes beyond ‘good’, and into the territory of ‘great’:
    • comprehensible
    • unambiguous
    • relevant
    • complete
    • concise
    • compliant
    • well-formed
    • equitable
    • enables good performance practices
    • prevents conflicts and handles those that arise adequately
    • future-proof
    • re-usable


  • 'How to Build a Contract Drafting Toolkit. Piet provides insight into how to build a contract drafting toolkit that helps you to produce high-quality contracts with minimum effort. To achieve this, you need to create, maintain and validate the tools, and achieve buy-in. But once you have done so, you can draft a set of template agreements that can be combined and cover 90% of your needs.


  • 'Supplier Contracts made Compliant by Design. Contracts both mitigate risks and create risks. So how do you ensure that the contract complies with your company’s risk strategy? Piet shows how to define, build, use and maintain a contract risk assessment tool that will add value, including specific risk assessment questions and guidance for the project lead (internal client), buyer and contract drafter. 


  • Pragmatic Supplier and Contract Follow-up' takes you beyond the contract signing, to governance and after-care. Piet shares his insights on how to perform supplier and contract follow-up, based on his 33 years in a variety of roles with suppliers in an international banking environment.


Beltug members have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a broad range of important topics: if you have tools/documents you use in your company that you can share with the other members, send us an email and help us create more value for you and your peers.


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