Peer Practices: Partena Professional 'steals the show' with its GDPR awareness campaign


Privacy is always a major priority for our members, and one constant theme is how to improve staff awareness of the importance of security and privacy. This awareness is a vital element in ensuring your company’s compliance with the GDPR.


Partena Professional, together with communications agency Absolute Agency, took an eye-catching approach, with special ‘film posters’ highlighting the company’s GDPR policy, in a fun and personal way. Each poster features the familiar faces of the staff.


Take a look at what's playing, and perhaps find some inspiration for your own awareness campaigns. Our thanks to Partena Professional for sharing their posters with our members!


19-2900_poster_indianajones_NL.jpg 19-2900_poster_missionimpossible_NL.jpg 19-2900_poster_savingprivateryan_NL.jpg


You can download the posters, here:


Beltug members have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a broad range of important topics: if you have tools/documents you use in your company that you can share with the other members, send us an email and help us create more value for you and your peers.


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