Peer practices: Hybrid work policies


It is clear that, following COVID, our way of working will never be the same. There is a clear expectation that companies will adopt hybrid environments, in which colleagues will work different days in the office and remotely.


The requirements of such a radically different organisation raise many questions, and some of our members have already begun adapting corporate policies to address the new challenges.


We arranged an ‘Ask a Peer’ for our members to share their policies (finalised or draft) with Beltug, and with their fellow members.


Beltug will present the update of our Recommendations for a Corporate Policy on 21 September. You will receive the invitation in your inbox in a few weeks.


Several members have permitted us to publish their policies (with the company name or anonymously). You can download these below after logging in. We hope that you find inspiration in them.



(Please note that the links in the Fluvius document are not accessible to external parties.)


Our thanks to all members who have shared their policies with Beltug.


Beltug members have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a broad range of important topics: if you have tools/documents you use in your company that you can share with the other members, send us an email and help us create more value for you and your peers.


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