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Next generation networks, IP networks, internet telephony, Voice over IP (VoIP), peer-to-peer telephony, IP communications, converged networks, multimedia networks – the terms herald major change in communications offerings.
Technology developments such as IP core networks, broadband access for end users, wireless access, new applications and new customer equipment offerings are driving the changes.

The benefits for all users are substantial cost savings, and increased service innovation and competition. The extra benefits for business users include easy access for offsite employees to their company’s full range of IT and communications services and the ability to offer new services to their customers.

Over the next couple of years market awareness will be a key issue. The functionality of the new networks needs to be fully understood by the users – location independence, Quality of Service, security, terminal devices and applications. New approaches need to be developed in design, implementation, management and user training to
achieve the real benefits of IP based communications. The decision to move to IP communications based voice services is more about weighing up business benefits, good design and implementation practices and learning from the lessons of those who have tried, than about understanding the technology.

ATUG’s IP Telephony – a user guide takes a practical look at those issues and suggests the questions that need to be asked and answered to successfully implement IP based voice services.


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