BELTUG Member Forum - 22 May 2008 - Presentations


 Member Forum -22 May 2008.

- The latest overview of the status of our lobbying and other work-in-progress.
- A checklist on cost-management and a report on the Maturity of VoIP, both the results of interaction with our Members.
- Case Schenker: experiences with cost management.
- Cast Sita Recycling Services: experiences with VoIP.


-Feedback on BELTUG activities Danielle Jacobs, General Manager BELTUG

-Presentation of the new cost management checklist : how can it help you improve your analysis and management ? Alex Vanzegbroek, Project Manager BELTUG
The checklist will be published in the next days.
The complete report and the presentations of the X-change on cost management are available at Cost management

-Case study: cost management at Schenker, Tom Lauwerens, Facility Manager, Schenker

  • Hear how and why Schenker began this project
  • Learn about the analysis of fixed and mobile communications costs
  • Discover the SMART objectives and get an overview of the results obtained 

-The Maturity of VoIP: a report bundling the insights of Providers and Users, Alex Vanzegbroek, Project Manager BELTUG
The complete report and 6 presentatations of the X-change on Maturity VoIP are available at

-Case study: VoIP in practice, Sita Recycling Services, Tom Van Wint, Helpdesk Manager

  • Get new ideas from SITA's experience migrating 2000 lines in 2 countries over 70 sites, depending on the user's profile
  • Find out how SITA motivated this technology refreshment and what the benefits are to management and coworkers
  • Learn about the call center experience, plans for the future and overall watch-outs and costs of this project

The presentations are at your disposal (BELTUG members only).


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