X-change on WiFi versus mobile - Presentations


X-Change "Wi-Fi versus Mobile", with the case-study of Elia relying on VoIP, WLAN and VoWLAN.

The presentations are at your disposal (BELTUG members only):

-The BELTUG "Wi-Fi versus Mobile" Checklist, the road to your business case, Philippe Awouters, Project Leader BELTUG.
                       -if you are looking for solutions to limit the extensive GSM use within your company walls
                       -or, if you prefer to look into the reasons why companies opt to make more use of the mobile operator's network

The complete paper WiFi versus Mobile is available:
-Spraak over een privaat draadloos netwerk of werken via de mobiele operatoren - Paper Dutch
-Voix via un réseau sans fil prive ou via l'opérateur de téléphonie mobile - Paper French

-Case study “Fixed-mobile convergence at Elia”
Learn how Elia covers with VoIP, WLAN, VoWLAN a new range of solutions of secure electricity provisioning and mobile working while reducing phone costs and increasing productivity, Frédéric Leroy, ELIA.


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