Member Forum - 25 September 2008 - Presentations


BELTUG presented:
-the results of our survey with the new priorities from you and your ICT peers, along with a user-driven action plan.
-Four case studies from different sectors (Transport, Healthcare, Services and Construction) offering concrete tips and tricks.
-The outcome of the X-change on UMTS experiences, presented by one of our Members.

The presentations are at your disposal (BELTUG members only):
       - Case-study Aviapartner: How ICT and wireless scanning  improve processes and controls in passengers and cargo transportation (this presentation will be published soon)
       - Introduction to 3 case studies (FEDIS, De Mick and Arcadis) with tips and tricks for organisations
       - The most important topics for the ICT decision makers in communications technology and services
       - Lessons learnt at the Users Only X-change on UMTS
(experiences and reliability in Belgium)


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