BELTUG X-change on Mobile data - 16 December 2008 - presentations


The use of mobile data is growing very quickly. The bundles at a fixed price become more interesting, and more choice is offered.
But, companies are concerned about the costs involved and are hesitating to take the step. 

Because of the many questions we received, BELTUG will publish a paper with answers to questions like:
- How to organise yourself to limit the costs of mobile data?
- How to avoid unpleasent surprises
- What are typical users profiles and the costs involved

To prepare this paper, we organised this meeting.  The subject are introduced by specialists from RIM/Blackberry and Fortis, followed by discussion with the audience.
The presentations of BELTUG, RIM/Blackberry and Fortis are at your disposal (BELTUG Members only).


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