BELTUG X-change on European offerings of telecom services - 14 January 2009 - report and presentations


Do you need to connect sites across Europe? Do you ask yourself how you can provide connectivity in a country that you do not know well?

Many Belgian companies are successfully active in or are moving into other European countries. The price of this success? It includes network expansion and difficulties in connecting new sites. Access is increasingly x-DSL based, and buyers are looking for the same type of information. Belgian companies need to know which service providers offer access in different parts of Europe.

We observed that several BELTUG Members are looking for the same types of information. So we organised an X-change to discuss the issue of connecting sites across Europe and to determine what information is needed and what is available.

Atos Worldline and Cisco introduced the topic by illustrating their own international requirements. These needs include reliable information for all countries.

The report and the presentations of Atos Worldline and Cisco are at your disposal (BELTUG Members only).


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