Reports and presentations BELTUG X-change on International Mobile Communications


Unfortunately 'One stop shopping’ for International Mobile Communications is not widely available. What can operators offer companies in terms of international contract negotiation and tariff plans, account management, volume discounts, data and voice ? Do "global" or "international" players truly exist, or do these agreements still result in a bundle of local and dissimilar agreements per country?

-International Mobile Communications: an item to Manage with Care! by Roeland Vander meiren, Pfizer Sr. IT Manager/President BELTUG Board
-Cross-border Mobile Communications: One Multinational Company’s Experience, Geert Van den Bosch, EMEA Service Line Manager Mobile services, Global Network - Vendor Governance & Service Line, EDS, an HP   Company

To prepare this meeting BELTUG prepared questions for Proximus/Vodafone and Mobistar/Orange, ithey are published here as well.

The report of this meeting and the presentations are at your disposal (BELTUG-members only).


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