BELTUG X-change on Hybrid VoIP - Report and presentations


BELTUG X-change on "Hybrid VoIP: Practical guidelines for migration to full IP" on 17 February 2009 exclusively for ICT decision makers (Users).

De Post/La Poste, FEDICT and FOD/SPF Finance have agreed to share their lessons learnt in migrating.  On the provider side, the visions and experiences of Colt, Nextel, Quentris and Telenet Solutions. 

- The case FOD/SPF Finance: How to be disruptive? Luc Lornoy, Manager Network & IP Telephony, FOD/SPF Finance
- Evolution from TDM via VoIP towards SIP, Stijn Dreesen, Product Marketing Manager, Telenet Solutions
- The case De Post/La Poste: The complexity of coexisting hybrid solutions and IPTEL, Georges Kiss, ICT Core Infrastructure Manager, De Post/La Poste
- Gradual migration towards full IP, Ivo Postelmans, Product & Solutions Manager Enterprise, Nextel 
- Convergence is a stage, rather than the end game, Gert Torfs, Product Marketing Manager, Colt 
- The case Fedict Shared Services, towards new functionalities, Yves Vander Auwera, Director ICT Shared Services, Fedict 
- Best practices for migrating from a TDM to an IP environment, the IPT Life Cycle Giuseppe Arena, Product Manager, Quentris  

The report of this meeting and the presentations are at your disposal (BELTUG Members only).


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