Presentations and report of the BELTUG X-change: Licensing Issues on Virtualisation


BELTUG X-change on"managing licensing rights in a changing and increasingly complex and virtualised environment" at SAP Lounge, Vilvoorde. 

-"Setting the scene" by Alex Vanzegbroek, Project Leader, BELTUG 
-"Overview and insight into licence structures", Luc Costers, Sales Manager, VMWARE

-"Getting into the specifics", Patrick Viaene, Volume License Program Manager, Microsoft

This interactive session was organised by BELTUG along with two key players:

  • Patrick Viaene, from Microsoft, explained everything you haven’t dared to ask about before;
  • Kurt Vrancken, from VMware, presented an overview of the virtualised landscape.

The report and the presentations are at your disposal (BELTUG members only).


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