BELTUG Member forum : Health Check on Wireless and Mobile Technology Radiation - Presentations and report


BELTUG Member Forum on the possible risks of Radiation from wireless and mobile technologies at SAP Lounge, Vilvoorde.


Introduction by the Chairman Luc De Groote, General Manager, Amavero 


Microwaves: Pollutions or Solutions?
Prof. Martin Zizi, Department of Physiology VUB, and Department of Epidemiology and Defence  


The Risks of Electromagnetic Fields: Clarifying some Common Misunderstandings.
Frank Vanmaele, Electro Mechanical Engineer, Test Aankoop/Test Achats (Dutch), Hi-Tech Specialist from "Euroconsumers" (of which Test-Aankoop/Test Achats is a Member) with more than 15 years experience.


Wireless equipment: Interpretation of alarming scientific papers and reports.
Prof. Luc Verschaeve, Toxicology Department, University of Antwerpen; Director of the Toxicology Laboratory of the Scientific Institute of Public Health; President of the Management Reflection Group on Non-ionising Radiation of The Superior Health Council. Member of the Radiation Management Cell of the Dutch Health Council. 


Panel discussion Lessons learnt "to take home" to Our Companies


The presentations are at your disposal (BELTUG Members only). The report of this meeting will be published soon.


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