BELTUG X-change on Experiences with web conferencing, collaboration and unified communications - Report and presentations


Saving money and improving efficiency are common goals for business everywhere but apparently, the potential of virtual meeting technology or unified communications (UC) has not been exploited to the full. Many ICT decision makers do not yet know whom they will be buying from two years from now.
BELTUG has invited eight ICT solution providers to bring concrete stories of companies who have moved on and implemented, i.e. no generic stories but “real-life”ones. 

-Avaya: How can improved collaboration efficiency affect your company’s productivity and costs? by Tom Van Lemmens,  Consultant System Engineer Contact Centre

-Easynet: The survey "Face to Phase: The convergence of business travel and virtual meetings” by Bruno Stultjens, Sales & Marketing Director Benelux

-Orange Business Services’ expert vision on unified communications: optimising collaboration on a global level,  Emmanuel Gillain, Solutions Director 

-Microsoft: A step-based approach for unified communications by Carmen Du Bois, Unified Communications Lead Belgium & Luxembourg

-The case study of Siemens Enterprise Communications, Frédéric Gilmont, CIO Region SWE-MEA

-Practical experiences of NeXTeL illustrated by means of customer cases, by Ivo Postelmans, Product & Solutions Manager Enterprise and Wim Maet, Technical Manager Voice Solutions

-"Unified Communication & Collaboration. Making knowledge and service available - worldwide", examples of T-Systems Enterprise Services, Rainer Oude Hengel, Manager TC Marketing Programs

-"Communication-enabled business" by Cisco with Suez’ conferencing experience as customer case, Kristof De Clercq, Sales specialist

The report and the presentations are at your disposal (BELTUG members only).

The presentation of Microsoft will be published soon. Please find here the white papers on: Microsoft Unified communications: customer case Conferencing and white papers Achieving cost and resource reductions via UC and Organizational structure


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