BELTUG/INTUG International Meeting - Open markets for Communications in Tomorrow's World - presentations


BELTUG/INTUG International Meeting - Open markets for Communications in Tomorrow's World, 19th of May 2009 at the FEB/VBO in Brussels.

This meeting was an informative event, with an opportunity to influence future directions, and to learn of plans from around the world. We had a number of distinguished external speakers as well as internal presentations. INTUG's meetings are an excellent way of meeting international contacts from around the world and ensuring that INTUG's representative activities on behalf of users of telecommunications accurately reflect your needs and the needs of your members.

The presentations are at your disposal (BELTUG members only). Presentation Martin Selmayr – European Commission : not available (no slides)

-Regulation & Investment
         Jurgen Massie, Director Regulatory Affairs, Belgacom
-Mobile Communications: Regulatory Issues in Belgium and Europe
         Luc Windmolders, Corporate affairs director BASE

-Regulating Telecoms in Belgium
         Representative from BIPT, the Belgian NRA

-Consumer Perspectives of Competition in Europe
         Levi Nietvelt, BEUC (the European Consumers’ Organisation)

-The Future for Telecommunications Competition in Europe
         Ilsa Godlovitch, Head of Regulation, ECTA (European Competitive Telecommunications Association)

-What rules for Next generation access networks
         Christian Hocepied, Principal Expert, Competition DG of the EU Commission

-Business User Requirements for Communications
         Nick White, Executive Vice President, INTUG

-Global Trends in Telecoms: The OECD Perspective             
         Sam Paltridge, Communications Analyst, OECD

-Communications Trends in Asia Pacific
         Ernie Newman, Chief Executive, TUANZ (Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand)

-Security and Privacy, Data Protection and Retention and IPR
         Professor Ian Lloyd, University of Strathclyde

-Wireless Futures - 4G/LTE and beyond
         Hakan Ohlsen, Director Access Standardization, Group Function Technology at Ericsson in Stockholm

-Wireless Regulation - Spectrum, Termination Rates and Roaming Charges
         Martin Selmayr, Spokesman, Information Society and Media Commission


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