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BELTUG brings together players from different corners. Listen to and compare the visions of two (what we used to call) telcos and three hardware and software suppliers. Learn from a real-life 2009 company case and from Gartner Keynote speaker Steve Blood, Research Vice President

Agenda Member Forum on the Future of Voice:

-Gartner Keynote: The future of voice: evolution or revolution? 
   Steve Blood, Research Vice President, Gartner 

-A high-quality network infrastructure as a platform for Unified Communications 
   Alessandro Vigilante, Senior Manager, Product Management Colt 

-From traditional voice to converged communications: an operator viewpoint 
   Frederic Renette, Specialist Sales Unit Manager, Belgacom

-A smooth migration path to future open voice applications 
   Axel Rimkus, Director Business Development EMEA, Global Alliances, Siemens Enterprise Communications

-Cisco’s collaboration - communication, the next phase 
   Kristof de Clercq, Business Consultant, Cisco Belux

-The future of voice is software-powered: Microsoft s path to the future of voice
   Carmen Du Bois, Unified Communications Lead, Microsoft Belgium and Luxemburg

-Case study Concentra: Investing in the future with IP-PBX and preparing for software-driven VoIP 
   Mark Janssens, Manager IT Operations, Concentra

-Summer Cocktail and networking 

The presentations are at your disposal (BELTUG members only).  


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