BELTUG X-change - WAN optimisation and acceleration in practice - Presentations, cases and report


BELTUG X-change on "WAN optimisation & acceleration", October 29 at the offices of T-Systems.
The presentations of BELTUG, Vandemoortele, Vanheede Environment Group and Nexans and the report are at your disposal (BELTUG members only).
Pictures can be found here. All documents such as presentations, case stories and the report of the discussion are available at the bottom of this page (for BELTUG Members only)


-Introduction : "Setting the scene" 
Alex Vanzegbroek, Project Leader, BELTUG
-Vandemoortele case study: WAN application performance optimisation key in redesigning our European WAN 
Koen Tacq, Infrastructure Services Manager, Vandemoortele 

-Vanheede Environment Group case study: WAN optimisation: from black box to a transparent & optimised network
Olivier Knockaert, ICT Manager, Vanheede Environment Group


-Nexans’ experience : an evolutionary story from optimisation to WAN acceleration tools
Ignace Jacobs, ICT manager, Nexans Benelux



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