BELTUG X-change on SIP trunking - Report and presentations


BELTUG X-change on "SIP trunking: Merely temptation or solid reality?", November 10 at the offices of Belgacom.
The report and presentations are at your disposal (BELTUG members only).

-Introduction : "Setting the scene with the customers’ demands"
Alex Vanzegbroek, Project Leader, BELTUG 

Case study SITA (part of the Suez Group): Why SIP trunking is important for us.
Tom Van Wint, Helpdesk Manager, SITA Recycling Services

-COLT: Is the operator’s offering aligned with customer demand?
Gert Torfs, Product Marketing Manager, Colt
Bart Froyen, Marketing Manager, Colt

-BELGACOM: Mobility issues and the new user-ID: how to tackle problems “in one big SIP-T pipe”
Thierry Bataille, Product Manager UC & SIP-T, Belgacom 

-TELENET: Standardisation and certification, and the relation with the Integrators
Luc Luyckx, Product Manager, Telenet


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