Member Forum, New Year's Cocktail and BELTUG Visionair - January 21 - Presentations


Member Forum on “Innovations in mobility, the BELTUG New Years Cocktail and the first BELTUG Visionair with Jan Callewaert, Ceo of Option, bundled into one action-packed day at Salons Waerboom.

The presentations are available at the bottom of this page for our members (just log in).
Pictures of this interactive session can be found here.
Eva De Schryver, Communications Manager, BELTUG
-Feedback on BELTUG activities and positions
nielle Jacobs, General Manager BELTUG

-Case study: Ricoh Belgium: A faster, more accurate field service and simplified administration thanks to mobile data
Wim Vanhove, Director ICT, Ricoh Belgium 

-Case study: CPM: Remote sales force planning and sales efficiency growth: the next step beyond remote sales administration?
Laurent Despineux, Client Service Manager, CPM Belgium    

-Case study: FOD/SPF Social Security: A dynamic office providing 1000 co-workers with a modern flexible workspace, teleworking and up-to-date communications tools
Kris Bouten, Production & Infrastructure Manager, FOD/SPF Social Security
-Mobility: Where will Mobile technology take us ?
Stefan Vekeman, Business Development Manager, Ericsson

-New Year’s Cocktail         netwerking

-BELTUG’s first Visionair
“The future of wireless data communication and Option's role in it” (This presentation was only available until 19.02.2010)
Jan Callewaert, CEO, Option


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