X-change on Numbering issues , January 14 2010 - Report and Presentations


X-change on "numbering issues", January 14 at Cisco.

When bringing in new technologies many companies are looking into simplifying their phone numbering administration. HR and ICT departments dream of a dedicated ‘phone number for life’ for each individual employee.

The presentation of Eandis is available at the bottom of this page for our members (just log in). BIPT/IBPT will be published later.
Pictures of this interactive session can be found here.

AGENDA Strategic and Contract focus
-Introduction and setting the scene, by Hendrik Van De Velde, BELTUG Project Manager
-Vision of BIPT/IBPT on the future of numbering and the nomadic use of telephone numbers
Nomadic use of telephone numbers - the regulations. How will the numbering framework change going forward, given the fixed-to-mobile convergence? Will Belgium evolve to one telephone zone? Will we still use numbers in the future, or URIs ( instead?
Jan Vannieuwenhuyse, Sr Ingenieur-Adviseur, BIPT/IBPT
-Case study EANDIS: Introduction of VoIP during the "splitting up" of Electrabel,
The numbering principles used and the additional technical challenges that arose while implementing the ‘number for life’ principle during the move to IP.
 Luc Van Durme, ICT Service Delivery Manager, EANDIS


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