BELTUG X-change via Webconferencing, January 14 (ICT decision makers Only) - Report and presentations


BELTUG X-change via Webconference on “Web- and video-conferencing”, January 14 at Cisco.

The report and the presentation of AGFA is available at the bottom of this page for our members (just log in). 
Pictures of this interactive session can be found here.

-Case study Agfa HealthCare: Lessons learned from six years of web conferencing with integrated voice
What steps has Agfa HealthCare undertaken and why? What was the business case? How were 2300 users satisfied? How to deal with contracts and what were the learnings with respect to integration with business applications.
Bart Van Hertbruggen, Manager Telecom Competence Center Agfa-Gevaert
-Case study Tommy Hilfiger: An international telepresence Virtual Fitting Room 
Learn how cost cutting and innovation go hand in hand in the Tommy Hilfiger Virtual Fitting Rooms.
Rick Laanen, Project Director, BT Benelux

-Guidelines on security and governance 
Learn how risk can be minimised by taking the necessary precautions. How can a company make sure that its governance is assured?
Bart Verhaert, conferencing expert from Easynet


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