BELTUG challenges - 4 March 2010 - Report and Presentation


As professionals, we all care about security and want to take every necessary measure to safeguard our valuable enterprise data. To advise users on updates and alerts regarding ongoing Internet threats, the government has created the "Belgian National Computer Emergency Response Team". Speed is of the essence.

In this session, Lionel Ferette will first explain what CERT is doing exactly. The second part will deal with how companies are informed and how they can inform of a noticed incident. The presentation will conclude with some concrete examples of advisories that has elaborated in the past few weeks. In the week of January 11 – 15 alone, 37 advisories were given. The discussion period will allow you to fine-tune how organisations like yours benefit from these services and how fast communication flows can be set up.

The presentation of Lionel Ferette is available at the bottom of this page for our members (just log in). 


- Welcome by Hendrik Van De Velde, Project Manager BELTUG

- Presentation of the by Lionel Ferette, CERT Coordinator, BELNET

- Discussion with BELTUG Members

Venue hosted by T-Systems.


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