BELTUG challenges Avaya on Nortel - 12 March 2010 - Report & Presentation


Several members have contacted BELTUG with questions regarding the integration of Nortel into Avaya: in particular Nortel customers, whether in Belgium only or in multiple countries. 

Their questions include:

  • Is the continuity of our system/solution in danger? How can we evaluate the risks?
  • What guarantees do we have about support?
  • How will the roadmap evolve?

BELTUG organised a meeting for Nortel/Avaya customers to exchange points of view with each other, and then to meet jointly with Avaya to clarify the situation.

The report and the presentation is available at the bottom of this page for our members (just log in). 


-Introduction of the participants and their connection to Nortel/Avaya
-Discussion with BELTUG members – exchange of information
-Meeting with the Avaya delegation


Venue hosted by AVAYA.


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