INTUG Conference Madrid, 12-13 May 2010


The first INTUG meeting of 2010 was held on 12-13 May in Madrid, Spain, and hosted by AUTELSI, INTUG’s Spanish member.

Most presentations are available for download

INTUG Open Meeting 12 May


9:30 Welcome

Leonard Pera, President International Commission AUTELSI
Rosemary Sinclair, Chairman INTUG
Sebastian Muriel, General Director, Spanish Ministry of Telecommunications

10:30 The Spanish Regulatory Situation

Antonio Enrique López, Telecommunications Commission AUTELSI
Joaquin Osa, General Director CMT

12:00 The Corporate User’s View. What we need.

Nick White, Executive Vice President INTUG

12:30 ICT demand & offer. Is there a point to meet?

Ginés Alarcon, President Consultancy Company NAE

13:00 Core Business: serving the Corporate needs across Europe

Fernando Astiaso, Director Telefónica Multinational Solutions
Cristian López, Major Marketing Manager Colt

16:00 The Role of Public Administration in Information Society Development

Fernando Beltrán, Vice Minister of Science and Technology, Regional Government of Aragón

17:00 Close of the day – The Spanish EU Presidency

Pau Solanilla, Special Assistant, Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Leandro Pérez Manzanera, President AUTELSI 


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