Users only X-change on WAN architecture for a central site connected to dozens of small independent sites, June 2010 - Report and presentation


Mercedes-Benz BeLux is connected to dozens of small independent sites, and is currently investigating the possibilities for their new WAN architecture. BELTUG offered companies with the same needs the possibility to exchange views, expectations and knowledge.

The following companies registered to participate in the BELTUG X-change: De Ceunynck, European Commission, IRISNET, Johnson Controls International, Kamodata, KBC Global Services, Mercedes-Benz Belgium Luxembourg, SD Worx, Toyota, USG People Belgium, Vanheede Environment Group,VERA


Alex Vanzegbroek, Project Manager, BELTUG
-Towards a new WAN architecture at Mercedes-Benz BeLux - the questions we face
Mercedes-Benz BeLux is currently investigating the possibilities for their next WAN architecture. The questions they face:
- MPLS or VPN over Internet?
- fully managed end-to-end by supplier, or some responsibility delegated to the connected parties?
- QoS or just increased bandwidth?
- compression techniques like Riverbed / Ipanema / Expand: have they been investigated? tested? used?
- other services included? (Internet pass-through, web filtering, email, etc.)
Philippe Mathieu, Mercedes-Benz BeLux, IT Infrastructure Manager

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