International Communications Management and BELTUG Challenges Orange and Vodafone - Report & Presentations


BELTUG organised two meetings on international communications management on 22 June at the offices of Belgacom.

- A discussion with Vodafone/Proximus and Orange/Mobistar on the BELTUG/INTUG paper "International Mobile Services and the Multinational Customer - A Dysfunctional Market"
- Ccompanies presented their own approaches towards international communications management.

The following companies registered to participate in these BELTUG meetings:Agfa-Gevaert, Autelsi, Barry Callebaut, Bekaert, BNP Paribas Fortis,Defensie,Eurocontrol,European Commission, INTUG, Jan De Nul Dredging,J ohnson Controls International, KBC Global Services, Nexans Benelux , Nyrstar, Orange Business Services, SITA Recycling Services, Swedish Match, Tam Tam Consulting, Tech Team,
Toyota, TVH Forklift Parts , Unilin Industries.

The report and the presentations are available at the bottom of this page for our members (just log in). 

AGENDA: BELTUG challenges Vodafone and Orange                                

Unfortunately, 'one stop shopping’ for international mobile communications is still not widely available. What can operators offer companies in terms of international contract negotiation and tariff plans, account management, volume discounts, data and voice? Do "global" or "international" players truly exist, or do agreements still result in the bundling of local and dissimilar agreements per country? The concerns of international businesses are summarised in the BELTUG/INTUG paper "International Mobile Services and the Multinational Customer - A Dysfunctional Market".

Presentations of Vodafone and Orange and report available


AGENDA  X-change on international communications management  

Managing International Communications cannot be learned from a textbook. The geographical spread makes it very complex, and the market landscape changes constantly. BELTUG offers you insight into the practical day-to-day experiences of two organisations running global network operations: TOYOTA and TECH TEAM GLOBAL.

-Introduction, Roeland Vander meiren, BELTUG Project Manager 


-The TOYOTA case, Eddy Steurs, Senior Manager Network and Security Centre

-The TECH TEAM case, Lasse Hansen, Telecom Manager EMEA  


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