BELTUG Member Forum+Visionair, 5 October 2010 - Presentations


Member forum with the priorities from the Belgian ICT decision makers and the "BELTUG Visionairat Salons De Romree, October 5.

The presentations Member forum are already available at the bottom of this page for our members (just log in). Pictures can be found here.

The following companies registered to participate:  Compuware, Convergence Strategies Consulting Group, Crossroad Consulting, De Ceunynck , Defensie , Deloitte, Destiny, DGMS, DHL Global Aviation, Dimension Data, Dow Corning Europe, Effect, Electrabel GDF Suez, EPMIC, eSErvGlobal, Eurocontrol, Faceo, Flanders Engineers, Energy ICT, FOD Kanselarij van de Eerste minister, FreeBIX, G4S Security Services,Getronics Belgium , Human Interface Group, IKO Europe , Imas (group Van Genechten Packaging), ING, Ingenium, Interoute, Interxion, Ipanema Technologies, IRISNET, JuXtra  ,Kamodata, LCL Belgium  , L'Echo, Linklaters LLP, Mercedes-Benz Belgium Luxembourg, M18, Mitel, mobco, Mobila, MobileWeb, Mobistar, Multicap, Newtel, Newtel Essence , NeXTel, NextiraOne, NTT Europe Ltd., Orange Business Services, P & J Benedict, Panduit Europe, PriceWaterhouse Coopers Belgium,  Quentris GDF-SUEZ, Regie der Gebouwen, Rosy Blue Services, RUNA, Russell Reynolds Associates, SAIT Zenitel, Securelink, Siemens Enterprise Communications, Software Advies, StrICT  , Telenet ,Terremark,The Brussels Airport Company,Toyota,T-Systems Belgium, Unilin Industries, Unisys, USG People Belgium ,VERA, Verizon Belgium Luxembourg,Vlaams Ministerie van Bestuurszaken - e-government en ICT-Beheer, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Xerox.

AGENDA  Member forum  
-The priorities of business ICT decision makers
Danielle Jacobs, General Manager BELTUG

-The Green Desktop Initiative: Power from the Datacenter
Wiel van de Pasch,Technical Services Manager, Xerox   

-Cloud computing risks: which really impact you and how? “Old” risks versus “new”
Erik Luysterborg, Partner, Security & Privacy leader, Deloitte 

-Sharing data across borders - The legal challenges and how to manage them properly
Tom De Cordier, Senior associate at Allen & Overy



The "BELTUG Visionairas an extra source of inspiration, to broaden our views beyond the scope of our daily work.
-Introduction Danielle Jacobs, General Manager BELTUG

-A new future for the telecommunications industry: how applications will totally change the gameThese are exciting times for telecommunications companies. In the recent past, service providers were in danger of falling in a commodity trap with their flat rate connectivity products. But most operators are now rolling out their next-generation networks as platforms for new services and applications. Alcatel-Lucent is at the heart of this evolution with their vision on application enablement. In order to earn money from it, operators will need to open up their network and enable it for revolutionary, new applications. A new business model for the telecoms industry is coming, one that will totally change the game.
Adolfo Hernandez, President Alcatel-Lucent EMEA 

-Q & A, followed by a drink


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