BELTUG X-change: The Business Value of WAN Optimisation - Report and presentations


The Business Value of WAN Optimisation - X-change users only  at Roularta, Zellik.
The focus on the benefits of IT consolidation as a way to reduce complexity, lower costs, and protect data, all without causing severe performance degradation in your applications.

The following companies registered to participate (7 December 2010): Barco, Barry Callebaut, Borealis Polymers, bpost, Bridgestone, Gial, Imas (group Van Genechten Packaging), KBC ICT Global Services, Nexans Benelux, Office National des Vacances Annuelles-RJV, Provincie Vlaams-Brabant, S.C.R.-Sibelco, Sanofi Pasteur MSD, Ter beke, VMW.

The report and presentations are available at the bottom of this page for our members (just log in). Pictures can be found here.

Alex Vanzegbroek, Project Manager, BELTUG

-Case: Application Optimisation Solution
Ignace Jacobs, ICT Manager, Nexans Cabling Solutions

-How to build a smarter & more dynamic network
Peter Coppens, Senior Product Manager IP VPN, Colt Technology Services  

-Q&A/Discussion with the audience on both topics


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