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What does the future hold for your PBX … and for you? Will Unified Communications and SIP remain entangled in the lifecycle of the PBX? And what about your DECT infrastructure and mobile devices?

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The following companies registered to participate - 15 February 2011: Alpha Credit, B-Bridge, Bekaert, BELNET, BNP Paribas Fortis, Carrefour, Coface Services, Defensie, Delaware Consulting, DHL Aviation, Electrabel GDF Suez, Eurocontrol, European Commission, Fabricom, Faceo, Federale Politie, FOD Financiën, FOD Kanselarij van de Eerste minister, Havenbedrijf Gent, HP, ING, IPG Group, Jessa Ziekenhuis, Johnson & Johnson, Johnson Controls, Katoen Natie, KBC ICT Global Services, M-Team, Nationale Loterij, PEC, Pfizer, Recticel, Roularta Media, S.C.R.-Sibelco, Swedish Match, The Brussels Airport Company, Toerisme Vlaanderen, TVH Forklift Parts, Umicore, Universiteit Antwerpen, USG People, Vanheede Environment Group, Vlaams Ministerie van Bestuurszaken,VMW, VRT.  

-Concepts and analysis of the future PBX. An open platform for the federation of services & applications & devices.Vision of the future PABX: the concept of immersive conversations. An open platform for the federation of services & applications & devices.S
Stanislas Corporeau, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Product Marketing Director

-Solvay:  PBX Consolidation and Centralisation
Helmuth Manteuffel, Solvay, Telecom Area Manager 

-Evolution from the voice-centric PBX to SIP, Unified Communications and collaboration – concluding remarks
Dirk Steel from CTO-office, Siemens Enterprise Communications

Investment decisions for new telecom infrastructures
Sonja Bevers, CEO and Geert Van Hemeledonck, Senior Consultant, Tam Tam Consulting 

LOCATION: Roularta Conference Center, Z.1. Research Park 120 1731 Zellik.


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