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Business users are being flooded today with information on cloud computing and descriptions of all the associated risks. But the cloud may also offer benefits in the security area.

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The following companies registered to participate - 1 March 2011 at Roularta Conference Center: ABSI, ACV, Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications, B-Bridge, Belgacom, BT Ltd. Belgium, C-Cure, Cisco, Colt Technology Services, Deloitte, Delta Lloyd Bank, Destiny, DHL Aviation, Effect, European Commission, Faceo, FCCU, FOD Economie, Getronics, Gial, Havenbedrijf Gent, ING België, Interoute Belgium, LCL Belgium, M18 Executive Search, Mobila, Mobistar, NextiraOne, NTT Europe, Oiltanking Stolthaven Antwerpen, Outpost24 Benelux, SAIT Zenitel, SMALS, Syntigo, Telindus, TOBIUS, Trend Micro, TVH Forklif Parts, Unisys, USG People Belgium, Verizon, Vlaams Ministerie van Bestuurszaken - e-government en ICT-Beheer, Zion Security.

Wendy Brévière, Project Manager BELTUG

-Security-as-a-Service: From business needs to solutions
Jean-Luc Delvaux, CISSP, CISM, International Senior Security Solution Manager, Belgacom 
The service model is one of the forms that Cloud Computing can take. What security services can be offered based on this approach?

-Cloud security, the Federal Computer Crime Unit (FCCU) point of view
Luc Beirens, Hoofdcommissaris Diensthoofd FCCU
What can business users expect from the FCCU? 

-Cisco customer case: Scansafe
Delta Lloyd Bank will explain how they improved the web security of their internal users by moving from an on-premise software solution to a cloud security solution providing the same functionality with the additional benefits of URL filtering, web anti-virus and reporting in a datawarehouse including roaming users that work remotely and require the same level of security.

Delta Lloyd Bank is using ScanSafe, a cloud-based security solution delivered by Cisco.
Erwin Geirnaert, CISSP, CISA, Zion Security, acting as Delta Lloyd Security Advisor  


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