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celebrating 1000 members
Monica Basso
Over 300 BELTUG members participated in our annual VIP Evening, which has become one of the major ICT events in Belgium. At BELTUG, VIP stands for Valuable contacts, Information sharing and Powerful lobbying. The evening was the ideal moment to celebrate our strong growth, by recognising our 1000th member: Gilles Deworm of Johnson & Johnson. In fact, afterwards everyone could recognise him by the flowers he was wearing! Find out more about this growth in our impressive list of members by checking out our movie.
The presentations of the VIP Evening can be found here: 
- Introduction
Danielle Jacobs, General Manager, BELTUG
On this picture: Gilles Deworm (Johnson & Johnson) Luc Hindryckx (BIPT IBPT), Martine Tempels (Telenet), Benoît Scheen (Mobistar), Danielle Jacobs (BELTUG), Bart Van Den Meersche (Belgacom). Check out more pictures.  
The movie from the evening will be available soon. Below are the links to the presentations.

Monica Basso of Gartner zoomed in on the emerging trend of bringing personal devices to work, saying: “By 2014, 90% of organisations will support corporate applications on personal devices”. She shared how companies can support enhanced personal mobility, while limiting exposure and risks.
-Bring Your Own Mobile and Social Tools to work: Strategies for Innovation, Cost reduction and Control 
Monica Basso, Vice President Research - Communications Applications, Mobility & Collaboration, Gartner
The presentation, along with recommendations and action items is available for BELTUG members at the bottom of this page (pls. just log in)

DanielleDanielle Jacobs highlighted the results of BELTUG’s own research into the current situation of the business market, clearly demonstrating there is insufficient competition. “Often, organisations do not get more than one or two responses to their RFPs. There is also limited vendor switching,” she explained. “An important shift is necessary. International and national authorities need to consider businesses as a separate market with its own needs. More and more companies are looking for service providers to help them with increased complexity. Integrators (will) have 'preferred' suppliers. Often Belgacom will be one of these. BELTUG fears that there is an increased risk of dependency on Belgacom."

-Is there sufficient competition in the business market?
Press release in Dutch /in French 

 Furthermore, all the speeches from the evening were recorded and will be available on BELTUG TV later this month.




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