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IT Managers face growing pressure to admit personal mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones on the corporate network. Employees want to integrate their personal devices with the applications they use at work.

How do you cope with this ‘consumerisation’ trend intruding into your corporate network? Are you also face-to-face with an increased desire amongst employees for work systems to be as flexible, friendly and mobile as those they use in their personal lives? Have you already considered the possibilities and developed a “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) policy for your employees?

To share and explore the new BYOD experiences, BELTUG organised an interactive session for all members.
The following companies registered to participate -28 April 2011 at Roularta Conference Center: Anatole International, Attentia, Bank Degroof Banque, Barco, Belgacom, BESIX, BNP Paribas Fortis, Borealis Polymers, bpost, BT, Carrefour Belgium, Cisco Systems Belgium,  Colruyt Group Services, Concentra Media, Crossroad Consulting, de Persgroep Publishing, Defensie, Dialogic, Digipolis, DLA Piper UK LLP, Eandis, Effect, Electrabel GDF Suez, Federale Politie, Fedict - Federale Overheidsdienst ICT, FOD Justitie, G4S Security Services, Gemeente Edegem, Getronics Belgium, Gial, Giritech, Greijdanus College, Havenbedrijf Gent, Huawei, Johnson & Johnson, Johnson Contols, KBC ICT Global Services, Landbouwkrediet - Crédit Agricole, Mercedes-Benz Belgium Luxembourg, Microsoft, Mobila, Mobistar, NextiraOne, Niko Group, Office National des Vacances Annuelles-RJV, Portima, PriceWaterhouse Coopers Belgium, Provincie Vlaams-Brabant, Siemens Enterprise Communications, SITA Recycling Services, Smals, SNCB-NMBS, Sogeti, Stadsbestuur Roeselare, Synergics, Tam Tam Consulting, Tangoe, Telenet, The Brussels Airport Company,Thomas Cook, Unilin Industries, Uptime Group, USG People, Verizon Business, VWR International Europe.
-The trend of “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device): BELTUG members' expectations around the table
        Eva De Schryver, Communications manager 
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-Case Concentra: The search for a ‘standard’ smartphone policy, combined with a BYOD ‘VIP Service’
  • "There's no bible" when setting your corporate policy
  • How we select, test and update our standard smartphone policy
  • How to develop a ‘VIP Service’: how much helpdesk effort does it take?
  • From intranet to internet: security and other issues
    Peter Van de Wiele, Manager IT Services & Infrastructure, Concentra|MEDIA

Peter Van de Wiele
available in Replay (for members)

-BYOD is not a problem – it’s a solution! Another approach to BYOD
  • It’s possible! Secure Virtual Access without VPN
  • Via ‘smartcard’ USB stick or App/ PC Client
    Wilco Zwerus, Head of Mobility Practice, BT Benelux
presentation available (for members) 
-The case of BYOD in Dutch school communities

  • How to provide teachers with a safe access to the secured school network, on-site and outside the school walls?
  • How to support a multitude of everchanging devices such as iMacs, Macbooks, iPads, …
    Clemens Broekroelofs, Head of ICT, Greijdanus College, a major school community covering 4 locations (Zwolle, Hardenberg, Meppel, Enschede)

 Clemens Broekroelofs
BELTUG case story publicly available
and presentation (for members) 

-Working with a private device: legal watchouts in Belgium
  • Belgian labour laws: how to make good, i.e. enforceable, agreements for private devices?
  • Corporate data on a private device: how to deal with monitoring and wiping
  • Dos and don'ts to remember
    Soetkin Lateur, DLA Piper UK LLP
presentation available (for members)  



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