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3 years down the line, how will your company network compare to today?
The need to break down barriers to performance and manageability is influencing our future. BELTUG members are facing Enterprise Network Evolution requirements, provoking a number of questions and quite reasonable doubts.

The roles of storage, cloud and mobile technologies in successful virtualisation.
The ‘Internet of Things’ is changing Enterprise IT, from the network to the data centre. Today’s embedded systems are facilitating a new kind of “extended intelligence.”  Cloud-based software, creative use of data, innovative interfaces and new data centre designs will help create smart systems that can address many growing problems.

Many decision makers see the Cloud as an enemy or as a long term threat. But BELTUG members know “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there”.

To share and explore the experiences, BELTUG organised an interactive session for all ICT decision makers.
The following companies registered to participate -9 June 2011 at Domain Terassel: ADMB, Agfa Gevaert, Attentia, BNP Paribas Fortis, bpost, CG Power Systems Belgium, Delta Lloyd Bank, Dimension Data, Easynet, Electrabel GDF Suez, European Commission, Febelfin, Federale Politie, FOD Financiën, G4S Security Services, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, NeXTel, Office National des Vacances Annuelles-RJV, Pfizer ESC, Sibelga, T-Systems, TVH Forklift Parts, USG People, VDAB.
The presentations are available at the bottom of this page for our members (just log in). Take a look at the pictures.
Introduction, Alex Vanzegbroek, Project Manager, BELTUG

Case study: VDAB, the network that delivers real added value for employment!
A state-of-the-art network plus virtualisation doesn’t mean sweet dreams for ever.
Different optimisation options to tackle the management of the server park and storage.
Paul Danneels, CIO,  VDAB

Hybrid MPLS: The future of your corporate network is more than a WAN.
How to reach new territories which require fast deployments.
How to keep up with the increasing use of social media and streaming video.
How to drive global businesses forward whilst remaining the low-risk option.
Patrick Sichien, Global solutions consulting manager, Easynet

The tangible value of the network : Data communication and virtualisation as contributors
How will the data network leverage the possibilities offered by virtualisation?
Lieven Vaes, Products & Services Marketing Manager, Mobistar


Cloud computing: From headlines and major consultancy firms down to the IT reality
The “Cloud” is the sum of IT services delivered via a broad network.
A solid Cloud story will deliver all telecommunication aspects based on current information technology.
Thomas Pracht, Product  Manager, T-Systems

Openness and Interoperability in the Cloud
Current status: challenges and results
Customer requirements: bandwidth, security/openness/interoperability
Rudy Van Hoe, Business Group Manager Server & Cloud Platform,  Microsoft

How do you keep your head above the Cloud ?
From data centres to end-user devices:  how to provide a solid foundation for sustainable business growth.
Should you rush into the Cloud-based environment ?
Filip De Maeyer, Solution & Telecommunications Consultant, Dimension Data

Q&A/ Interactive audience discussion on all topics


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