Brainstorming - Private GSM: the way to go or already obsolete? Presentations


Private GSM is a technology for in-house wireless communications using regular GSM phones. Available for a couple of years already in the UK and The Netherlands, it runs over the so-called "DECT guard band frequencies", which in Belgium have not yet been released by the regulator.

Private GSM certainly offers appealing possibilities, such as seamless fixed-mobile integration using ordinary GSMs (one phone, one number), and it can be a cheap replacement option for DECT. Opponents, however, declare this technology to be already obsolete, as similar results can be achieved by negotiating with a mobile operator for a zero-cost model for calls between staff (in-house and on the road).
So what do you think about it?

BELTUG organised an all-members X-Change to discuss this subject and get a feel for whether there is sufficient interest to file a request with the regulator to open the DECT guard band frequencies for public use. Obviously, the industry should also be prepared to offer this technology in Belgium and to support it.

The following companies registered to participate -6 October 2011 at Gosset Hotel: ADMB, Alcatel-Lucent Bell, Anatole, Ascom, Ava, Belgacom, BIPT-IBPT, BNP Paribas Fortis, Colruyt Group Services, Defensie, de Persgroep Publishing, East, Federal Police, FOD Financiën, Inia, MIVB   STIB, Multicap, Neoditel, Nexans Cabling Solutions, Niko Group nv, Openix, RadioAccess, Ricoh Belgium, Siemens Enterprise Communications, Smals, Synsip, Telenet, Vlaamse Overheid - e-government en ICT-Beheer.

The presentations are available at the bottom of this page for our members (just log in).

-Introducing Private GSM: what is it about?
Roeland Vander meiren, Project Manager

-An industry expert offers an in-depth overview of Private GSM and its applications.
Maurits Zandbergen, Director RadioAccess BV, The Netherlands (English)

Your turn to sound off! (All)
Open debate weighing all pros and cons.


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