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These days, your employees are reachable by mobile phone. But how does your company treat the private use of these devices?
You might have different systems in place, according to a person’s role or function. Which one is most advantageous for the employee, and what is the cost to you as the employer?

We want you to be prepared for changes, as well: for example, a new draft bill would change the income tax code, in order to make personal use of the GSM tax free. But Social Security will still be due, and the 12.5€ “benefit in kind” rule still applied, unless you have installed a fair private or split billing system.

To consider these questions, BELTUG organised a brainstorming session on 15 November (13:30) at the offices of BT, to look into the different fiscal systems, and weigh up your choices on corporate policy.

The presentations are available at the bottom of this page for our members (just log in).

-Introduction: BELTUG members' expectations around the table
Eva De Schryver, Communications manager, BELTUG

-Getting it straight: the three possible fiscal treatments of private use of corporate mobile communication
Yves Labeeu, Tax & Reward Consultant, Attentia

-Experiences of ING Belgium: Ways to split private and corporate use
Erik Hemeleers, Service provider manager, ING Belgium


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