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The first suite of applications most people think of to run "in the cloud" includes mail, contacts and calendaring. But companies began discovering this option long after consumers did. Several providers already offer industry-grade web-based email and related apps with the necessary integrity, SLAs and security guarantees.

The following companies (users only) registered to participate -25 November 2011 at Microsoft: B-Bridge, BNP Paribas Fortis, bpost, Cortina, De Ceunynck, de Persgroep Publishing, Defence - Division CIS & Infra, G4S Security Services, ING België, Nationale Bank van België, Portima, Rosy Blue Services, Roularta Media, Securitas Alert Services, Seris Security, Smals, Ter Beke, Toerisme Vlaanderen, Univeg, USG People, Vanheede Environment Group, VDAB, Vlaamse Overheid  - e-government en ICT-Beheer.

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-Introducing "Email in the cloud" and the market outlook
Roeland Vander meiren, Project Manager, BELTUG
-Case: Microsoft Office 365
This is Microsoft's offering for running MS Exchange and Outlook - as well as many more typical desktop apps- in the cloud. It perfectly fits the move to web-based services.
Peter Verpoort, CIO, Seris Security
-Case: Google Apps
Google is one of the pioneers of running applications in the cloud. Its Gmail platform has evolved into a professional offering with a complete suite of mail and desktop products.
VDAB selected Google apps to run its company email, and is migrating its users. The company will share both the IT and end-user experiences.
Paul Danneels, CIO, VDAB


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