BELTUG X-Change on the real impact of the Cloud: the role of networks, storage, datacentres and virtualization - Presentations


Moving on from their initial concerns about the Cloud, BELTUG members have reached the stage of gradually built-up trust. In this phase, the idea is “no rush, but don’t procrastinate either!” Customer requirements remain the same: bandwidth; security, openness and interoperability and cost. Cloud-based software, creative use of stored data, innovative interfaces and new datacentre exploitation create smart systems addressing multiple growth problems.
The following companies registered to participate -15 December at Roularta Conference Center: ADMB, Alcatel-Lucent Bell, B-Bridge, Belgacom, Centric Belgium, Colt Technology Services, Coteng, De Ceunynck, Delta Lloyd Bank, Dow Corning Europe, Effect, Electrabel GDF Suez, Gartner, HP België / Belgique, Huawei, Interoute Belgium, NeXTel, NextiraOne, Ondit, Openix, Portima, Quentris GDF-SUEZ, SAIT Zenitel, Selligent, Siecom, SunGard, Syntigo, Telenet, Terremark,Trend Micro, Unisys, USG People, Vanheede Environment Group, VASCO Data Security, Verizon  Business,

The presentations are available at the bottom of this page for our members (just log in). We also invite you to take a look at the pictures.

-Introduction: BELTUG members' expectations around the board
Alex Vanzegbroek, Project Manager, BELTUG 
-Case study: "Experiences with Cloud services at Portima - lessons learned" 
          Claude Rapoport, CEO Portima
-Case study: “Centric: current view of the Cloud"
Luc Lammens, CEO Centric Belgium
      Hans Hengst, Manager Business Innovations


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