X-change on the benefits of virtualisation and cloud architecture to enterprise networks - Presentations and pictures


“Server virtualisation, application consolidation/rationalisation will be at the core of all data network initiatives [Gartner]”. “The data centre is the centralised hub for IT services, supporting mission-critical applications, and real-time services, mobility…” [Burton Group].

BELTUG users have already witnessed how consolidation drives costs down:

  • High speed WAN links become more affordable;
  • Centralising ICT operations reduces costs.

A strong need for an application-fluent & scalable network is clear from studies and surveys. Such a network must address the requirements of maintaining business continuity (BCP) and meeting service-level agreements (SLA), two of the main drivers.

The following companies registered to participate - 9 February at Roularta Conference Center: Alcatel-Lucent Bell, Arcadiz Telecom, Belgacom, Belgium Cloud, Colt Technology Services, Destiny, DHL, Easynet, Electrabel GDF Suez, Gial, Havenbedrijf Gent, Ipanema Technologies, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Nationale Loterij, Oktopus, Pidpa, Quentris GDF-SUEZ, Rossel & Cie, Siemens Enterprise Communications, Smals, Syntigo, TNT Express, Unisys.

The presentations are available at the bottom of this page for our members (just log in). We invite you to take a look at the pictures.

-Introduction: BELTUG members' expectations around the table
Alex Vanzegbroek, Project Manager, BELTUG
-Case study: "How we merged the business challenges with the IT challenges”
Pascal Van der Biest, IT director @ Rossel & Cie
-Case study: “Future proof data centre switching through application-fluent networks."
Frans van de Ven, IT Manager @ DHL
Yves Deschoenmaekers, Network Engineer BeNeLux/Fr @ DHL



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