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We’re offering a programme that dives right into the challenges faced by IT managers, and focuses on what you really need to know.
The following companies registered to participate - 26 June at Salons De Romree: Acktis, Alcatel-Lucent Bell, Anatole International, Argenta Spaarbank, Ascom, Atos, Bank Degroof Banque, Belgacom, Belgium Cloud, BESIX, BIPT-IBPT, Bizliner,
BNP Paribas Fortis, bpost, BT, C.N. Rood, CG Power Systems Belgium, CheckPoint Software Technologies, CoDeBuMa, Coface Services, Cofinimmo, Compuware, Crossroad Consulting, Damovo Belgium, De Ceunynck, Destiny, Devoteam, Digit4, Effect, Enterprise Ireland, Eurocontrol, European Commission, Exclusive Networks, Eygues & Bentrix, Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, Fédérale Assurance, Federale Politie - Police Fédérale, FOD Financiën, Gial, Havenbedrijf Gent, Huawei, Ictra - SNCB Group, ING, Ingenium, Innogenetics, Interoute Belgium, Irisnet, Johnson & Johnson, KMO-IT, KU Leuven ICTS, LAG Trailers, LCL, LH Supply, Mazda Motor Logistics Europe, Mercedes-Benz Belgium Luxembourg, Mitel, MIVB   STIB, Mobistar, Neoditel, Newtel Essence, Niko Group nv, Ondit, Polycom, Portima, Prodata Systems, ps_testware, Quentris GDF-SUEZ, RealDolmen, Regie der Gebouwen, RPC Packaging, Sait Zenitel, Siemens Enterprise Communications, Sita Waste Services, Smart Business Strategies, Solvay Brussels School of Economics, SPF Economie, SunGard, Symantec, Synergetek, Synsip, Syntigo, Tam Tam Consulting, Tein Telecom, Telenet, Thales Belgium, Tractebel Engineering GDF SUEZ, Unilin, USG People, Vanheede Environment Group, Verizon, Vlaamse Overheid.

The presentations are available at the bottom of this page for our members (just log in). We invite you to take a look at the pictures.

-What you need to know: a summary of relevant regulatory developments and BELTUG actions, Danielle Jacobs, General Manager BELTUG
The world of telecommunications marches on, and there are a lot of important developments to keep an eye on:

  • Draft bill on electronic communications - latest developments
  • European roaming regulations- next steps
  • Machine-to-machine – business concerns
  • INTUG/ECTA study of the barriers facing the European corporate market
  • Results of the BELTUG survey on barriers to time- and place- independent working
  • Splitting of private and corporate communication
  • INTUG/BELTUG paper – the Dysfunctional Market of International Mobile Services
-Mobile data & voice services - Service Level Agreements, Erik Hemeleers, Supplier manager, Managed Service, ING
Mobile services continue to gain in importance in the enterprise environment. Business processes across various lines of business rely on the availability and performance of mobile voice and data networks. Corporate customers therefore have an increasing need for Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with their mobile operator(s). A new BELTUG paper provides an overview of the current situation of mobile network SLAs and highlights some concerns.
-Kick-off SIG Unified Communications - Best practices, Arnaud Wattiez, Content Collaboration Business Manager, SNCB/NMBS-Holding
Many companies are implementing or have already implemented Unified Communications (UC), but are facing a host of new questions. These include as varied topics as:
  • Is there a business case for Unified Communications?
  • Which are the best implementation strategies for UC – in particular how do you sell chat
  • What customers expect from their partners
  • The challenges of integrating Telecom and IT teams
  • The challenges of integrating various partners to build an end-to-end solution
  • The challenges around change management
To address UC best practices, BELTUG starts a new, vendor-independent Special Interest Group: SIG Unified Communications.

-How to update your corporate policy in 2012 in the face of tablets, BYOD and social networks: lessons learnt from BELTUG members, Eva De Schryver, Communications manager, BELTUG
  • To Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or not to BYOD: that is the question.
  • New trends in our member companies.
  • How are you addressing the issue of splitting private and corporate use?
  • A never-ending story…
-Management concepts for Cloud computing, Georges Ataya, Professor, Academic Director, IT Management Education, Solvay Brussels Schools of Economics & Management. Past Vice-president of ISACA International and Managing Partner at ICT Control NV/SA
  • Cloud computing fundamentals and characteristics.
  • Disruptions and new capabilities/models.
  • Cloud computing success stories.
  • Governance, assurance and security concepts.
  • Introducing a governance framework with practical steps.


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