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IP-based voice and image communication is becoming a ubiquitous technology for all companies and organisations, large and small. We see this clearly in the wide variety of practitioners who have decided to implement a converged solution for communicating internally and with customers. Of course, cost control remains hot and relevant, especially in an environment with a limited number of providers.

The following companies registered to participate - 6 September at Gosset Hotel: Alcatel-Lucent Bell, Ascom, Avaya Belgium, Bank Degroof Banque, B-Bridge, Belgacom, BELNET, BT, Colt Technology Services, Commune of Meise, Effect, European Commission, Federale Politie, FOD Financiën / SPF Finances, Getronics Belgium, HP België / Belgique, ING België, Inia, Interoute Belgium, KBC ICT Global Services, KU Leuven ICTS, LCL, Microsoft, MIVB / STIB, Objectief15, One way to paradise, P&V Verzekeringen, Polycom, Quasus, Quentris GDF-SUEZ, Recticel, Regie der Gebouwen, Research In Motion, Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lummen, Siecom, Siemens Enterprise Communications, Smals, Syntigo, Telenet, Verizon.

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-Introduction and expectations, Roeland Vander meiren, Project Manager, BELTUG
-Commune of Meise, Sven Willemen, ICT Beheerder, Commune of Meise
Migration to UC was a logical step to replace aging equipment while taking advantage of the capabilities of an integrated set of communication options. Users and citizens alike enjoy the advantages of the new platform. A clear-cut situation.

-MIVB / STIB, Karel Hendrik Van Oostveldt, Senior Manager Telecommunications, MIVB / STIB
The Brussels public transport group introduced a UC platform in 2009, positioned not only for internal use, but also as a platform for interacting with the customers. This promoted UC to a business tool with added commercial value.

FOD Financiën / SPF Finances: a coherent plan covering functionality and cost control, Luc Lornoy, Director IT Operations, FOD Financiën / SPF Finances
The domestic telecom market in Belgium is dominated by only a few players, which is an issue for all business users. In the face of this trend, the Federal Public Service Finance has been pushing ahead, introducing VoIP and converging services for its over 30,000 users. This led to a completely new fixed and mobile communications offering with added value for all. What are the advantages and what did it take to get there?


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