Report of the SIG procurement and next steps, Presentation and report


A very lively discussion on benchmarking took place at the SIG Procurement meeting on 12 September. Benchmarking is a critical aspect in the procurement process. How do companies deal with this complexity?  What do they have to keep in mind when negotiating contracts? What watch-outs exist? We have put together a report that summarises the issues, comments and decisions from the meeting, as well as next steps.

You can read the Report and the presentation on benchmarking made by BELTUG on the day (members only, just log in).

-Introduction: BELTUG members’ expectations regarding ‘Benchmarking’, Paul De Cooman, Project Manager, BELTUG

Benchmarking highlights, Ilse Persoons, Global Lead Buyer Telecom, BNP Paribas Fortis
  • Benchmarking clause in the contract
  • Who performs the benchmark and when?
  • What do we want to benchmark?
  • Who pays for the benchmark?


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