Poor indoor coverage for mobile devices: a recurring issue. X-change presentations


Get closer to a window or go outside? Are these the only suggestions for handling the problem of poor indoor mobile coverage? These answers are far from comfortable, and a recurring inconvenience for anyone working in a tall building.

The BELTUG X-change of 10 January addressed the problem of indoor mobile coverage from both the user and provider sides. Participants heard from Andre Van Vyve (Vlaamse Overheid), and discussed the real-life experiences, issues and proposed solutions he presented. Then Koen Coppens (Belgacom) and Lieven Vaes (Mobistar) presented the providers’ view of end-user needs, including some possible technical solutions.

At the X-change, we learned that operators try to boost the signal, but are limited by the radiation restrictions imposed and the limited building permits for extra antennas. But solutions do exist.

Among the recommendations that came out of the X-change: talk to your mobile operator and request that they boost the signal in your area. If necessary, ask for a proposal to install extra pico and femto cells or even a complete indoor antenna system. Also, be proactive when moving to a new location. Mobile coverage is as important as any other utility these days. Check it out beforehand!

Finally, keep in mind that only mobile operators (and their subcontractors) are licensed to provide and install this kind of “amplifier” equipment. Unapproved equipment might create network interference and be confiscated. Plus you could find yourself with a fine to pay. Beware!

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-Introduction and expectations, Roeland Vander meiren, Moderator
-The user’s view on indoor coverage today
A list of issues and considered solutions, as reported by users who live this problem on a daily basis, will be presented. Up to now, few satisfactory solutions have been found, while others have been shelved because they are too expensive.

Andre Van Vyve, Project Leader Telecom, Vlaamse Overheid

-Belgacom's view on indoor coverage
Belgacom will present an overview on customer needs regarding indoor coverage and the evolution of Proximus’ 2G, 3G and 4G coverage. Possible technical solutions will be presented.

Koen Coppens, Manager Products and Solutions, Belgacom

-Mobistar’s view on indoor coverage
Another operator’s testimonial on users’ demanding indoor coverage expectations. How does Mobistar approach the problem and try to meet the expectations? Regulatory limitations and investment restrictions of course play an important role in finding the right balance.

Lieven Vaes, Manager Product Marketing, Mobistar


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